Will a VPS get me rid of 500 errors


I have a facebook app running on a shared hosting.
1.5% of my requests end as a 500 “Premature end of script headers” error.
I already got the same problem with other sites using cUrl connexions.
I suspect the server to kill my scripts when facebook is a bit too long to answer some queries (FB response time for my queries can range from 0 to 30 seconds).

Would it be a good idea to switch to a VPS to get rid of this timed out scripts killer as the application is growing quite fast ? (0 to 400k daily queries in one month, 400k queries means 6000 ending with a 500 error).

When I don’t end with a 500 error, pages seems to work fine on shared at the moment, with how many daily queries do you think I’ll begin to feel some pain on shared, the scripts memory load ranging from 1 to 3 Mb ?

I believe it will be better on VPS. But it also depends on how much resources you allocate for your VPS. If you run out of memory on your VPS, you will end up with the same problem.

I remember the shared server was often in high load when I was still on shared server. It is now much better after I switched to VPS

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