Will a shared plan be viable for this spec


Hi all :slight_smile:

I am a first time website maker and need a web host and I’m considering Dreamhost. I am about to start a website which will have a software of size 10 MB available to download, and screenshots and 5-6 flash tutorials. I will also run a forum which will have at least 30 friends as registered users in 3 months. My programmer told me I might not be able to run this on a $10 per month type shared host because of CPU usage etc issues. Is this true? Is the DH shared plan likely to give me issues for this kind of use?

Any help/info from experienced folks would be greatly appreciated…



Flash tutorials are not CPU intensive. Flash is just another file for someone to download. My sites download about 7 Gigs per month, which is about 700 downloads of your software per month.

A forum with just 30 users is very lightweight, and unless your forum is horribly inefficient, will not be a problem, CPU-wise.



I agree with Scott’s assessment. The only thing that I would add is that should that software for download become extremely popular, the number of concurrent connections required to serve those trying to download it may become an issue.

Only time would tell about that, and there is always the possibility of setting up mirrors to help relieve the download burden. Don’t forget that if your project/software is meets the criteria, there is always Sourceforge and similar sites that you can use to offload the file repository/download to relieving your project site from that load. :wink:



That is a lot! This is another prove the DH rocks!

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ok thanks a lot guys… this is good news I guess because I was wary of spending on a dedicated :slight_smile:


Are you aware of DH’s Private Server?

It is like a bridge between shared server and dedicated server.

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