Wildcard SSL

I have a site using a wildcard dns. Looking to set up ssl I was going to purchase a wildcard ssl cert. Looking on the dreamhost wiki and talking with support it sounds like a wildcard cert will not work even if installed manually. Can anyone explain a little more on what dreamhost is doing that a manually installed cert for a wildcard dns hosted site would not work?

I did not want to fully host each of these subdomains because I just wanted the one set of code to handle it all. But, it sounds like that is the only way they can get an ssl cert.

Any info on this topic would be great

The wildcard certificate should work however DreamHost don’t allow wildcard hosted domains so you would need to add each sub-domain manually and then add the certificate for each domain.

They’ve explained their reasoning over at their wiki: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Wildcard_DNS

I understand it’s inconvenient but if they allowed it, I would imagine the performance of the servers would go down or DreamHost would have to raise prices.

Thanks for taking the time to reply! In my current situation I already am on a VPS and have a wildcard DNS already set up. This lets my program create subdomains as necessary and the program is handling all of that routing. I would be fine creating a subdomain but that would mean installing that same application on each subdomain instead of letting the one app handle it all. The dreamhost wiki as well as support say that a wildcard certificate will not work.

"DreamHost Secure Hosting does NOT support wildcard certificates. Even if purchased at another Certificate Authority, they do not function when installed into the DreamHost panel."

This is the part I am curious about if anyone can shed any light on it. What is DreamHost doing that a manually installed wildcard cert would not work?

i think thats wired. i also want to know why wildcard ssl will not work on dreamhost?