Wildcard SSL Certs

Hey, I’ve would like to purchase a wildcard SSL cert for my domain. Unfortunately, DH doesn’t currently allow wildcard SSL certs! I’ve always loved that I could get anything I needed through DH, and would hate to have to spend my money elsewhere for this.

Any chance of supporting Wildcard SSL Certs in the near future?

Although DH does not issue wildcard certs, there is nothing stopping you from using the Certificate request generated when you enable SSL on your domain in the ‘Certificates’ button to get it signed by any other certificate authority out there. Then you just paste in the new Certificate and Intermediate (if needed) and you’re done! Then, for any other domains you create that match the wildcard, you just copy/paste the same matching fields to the other domains.

But yes, it would be cool if there was a one-click option. :smiley:

Thank you, @Nezgar.

I’m well aware of this process. I was definitely just saying that I would prefer a one-click option. One of the things I like most about DreamHost is that it has been a one-stop shop for years. This is a feature that DreamHost is lacking to remain a one-stop shop.