Wildcard Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate?


Anyone tried or succeeded creating a wildcard Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for their domain? Any feedback from those who have tried or succeeded very welcome, thank you.

(I know DH don’t support wildcard Let’s Encrypt certs, but it is mandatory for our scenario, no workarounds possible.)


DreamHost is in complete denial about the importance of supporting LE wildcards. Their suggested workarounds make my eyes roll. I have to completely bypass DreamHost. I’m using CloudFlare, Google Domains, and ngrok to expose my firewalled dev systems as a TLS public domain name.


Thanks for the feedback. Sorry to hear you are in that position. It is limiting what we do too, to the point we may have to consider moving to a new host company. Which seems nonsensical - I have no idea why DH won’t support this even for private servers. It is something that even GoDaddy support, a bargain-basement host company IMHO.

My “guess” is, for whatever reason, it would be quite a lot of work for DH to do. And so they have decided for now they aren’t going to bother till demand grows to such a degree that it becomes untenable to not provide it any longer. It would be nice if DH were transparent about this, but thus far they have not explained why on this forum, nor in my support requests. That’s disappointing - we moved to DH many years ago mainly because we understood we could do anything with a private server. This is the first real obstacle we’ve been unable to work around.