Wildcard emails with dreamhost?


Hi all,

I hope someone is able to help out with a couple of questions.

I currently have email with a privately hosted server (a buddy who hosts for me) but I am going to need to move to a new hosting solution soon since he has lost any interest in continuing to do hosting.

So, couple quick questions;

  1. Currently I use wildcard emails in which foo-*mydomain.com produces as many valid email addresses as I want, all forwarded to one real address, foo@mydomain.com. This is great for disposable addresses, merchant specific addresses, etc.

I see a thread in these forums that is quite old about this that includes what looks like a handy script, but is this still a viable thing to do? I understand Dreamhost supports a + operator wildcard but many hosts won’t accept that, I really need a host that will support the ‘-’ wildcard operand.

The older thread is here;


  1. How difficult complicated is it to move hosts? Right now my buddy is hosting me and DNS registration is handled by Gandi. How long does it normally take to move things across and how much down time should I expect?



I don’t believe we support partial wildcards like what you’re describing, but you can create a “catch-all” mail user in the panel. Such a user will receive all mail that wasn’t picked up by any other mail user.


Bummer. I will have to keep looking for a new host then, a catch-all is not what I am after.


you can create unlimited aliases or forward only addresses just not with a wildcard. I pretty much create a new aliases on the fly…


Yeah, it’s fine to manually create a bunch of email addresses but it’s a lot easier to use a wild card and not have to do the admin. thanks.


Yup but it only takes about 2 seconds to create one too, and since i cn do it from my phone as well i don’t really care that i ahe to create them anymore. There’s also a batch mode if you want to create many at once.


OK, thanks I consider it. The primary reason I was considering dream host over others (host gator, blue host, etc) was because from other forum threads on the subject it appeared that Dream host might offer this capability (I believe I found a thread in which Dream host advertised that they offered the ‘+’ operator as a wildcard for email addresses)… if it’s back to manually creating email then I am not sure what particular advantages Dream host would offer me over other hosts, since I am really only interested in email hosting.


validemailaddress+randomstring@yourdomian.com does work. problem with that is that not all places you register an email address (like another website etc) will take a + in an email address. Also it’s easy for someone to figure out since it’s a common usage of + addressing.