WikiMedia GraphViz extension problems



I’d be grateful for any comments from users who succeeded in installing the GraphViz extension for a WikiMedia One-Click installation. I’ve followed the installation instructions carefully, and while my wiki pages are parsing GraphViz content, they aren’t returning any graphics:

Some examples I try produce an error in line 420 of GraphViz.php, to the effect that no such file is found (in the image folder). Other examples give no errors. I have the “info” option enabled, and the directories all look valid, but the image folder is in fact empty.

Is this a configuration issue, or a problem with compatibility between the extension and the latest version of MediaWiki?

Thanks in advance for any input.


We don’t have the Graphviz renderers (e.g, the “dot” command) installed by default. Unless you’ve installed them yourself, that’s probably your issue.