Wiki Spam, how to avoid it?



Well, it took few month, but I finally got some spamer on my Media Wiki site. Look like it’s an automate spambot that change few of my page every night at the same hours.

Usually, it change page with invisible text that add Casino, porn and other link to the page, which have no relation at all with my site.

My Media Wiki is protected from anonymous user change, but the Spambot just make new username every time. I’m a bit sick of banning each username each morning and make revert to the page.

Is there any way to block that kind of attack ?




I installed the ‘Spam Blacklist’ extension (well I think it’s installed correctly) but I’m not sure how to specify the blacklist.

I would like to use the Mediawiki one:

but not sure how to configure it.

I tried:
$wgSpamBlacklistFiles = array(”, // Wikimedia’s list

but it don’t look to work.

any hint ? the readme is a bit vague for that.


I also tried to add this to my setting:
$wgSpamRegex = “/cialis|poker|viagra|div id|overflow:\sauto;\sheight:\s*[0-4]px;”;

I don’t know if it’s because I’m an Admin, but nothing work. I can write all of those word and nothing change.

I try to ban those word and all kind of <div id= css execution.

Thanks for help