Wiki simplify



I want to use mediawiki to manage my own articles, without logins or comments.
Usually I can decipher HTML, PHP, CSS enough to adapt a function.

I replaced wiki.png with my logo, and it worked.
Then I used Caleb Brown’s directions on
3rd Party Software & Scripts / “Re: Mediawiki and logo” for setting
$wgStylePath = “$wgScriptPath/skins”;
$wgLogo = "$wgStylePath/common/images/mylogo.png
which also worked.

I am extremely unhappy with the mediawiki docs and 3rd party fora, including
their spam traps which reject ALL inputs during registration or sending email.
The doc instructions for removing items from the footer merely crash my wiki,
and other issues are equally bad/worthless.

Can someone tell me how to merely put my links in the top and left menus,
remove footer, reg/login, discussion, edit, history, etc.?

Caleb, would you be that guru?


I doubt I can do as good a job of explaining how that stuff works as the MediaWIki folks do, so my instructions would likely be “badder/worthlesser” :wink: