Wiki setup / pathnames in Perl

I’ve decided that OddMuse Wiki is probably the best choice for what I want. The setup is insanely easy, and yet somehow I’ve forgotten something. I’m sure it’s obvious, but maybe somebody can remind me.

The script seemed to basically work, but when I changed the data directory to be outside of /tmp/, it broke. It’s a perl script, and I think that I’ve set permissions correctly (755) on the data directory, so I’m not sure quite what’s wrong - but I’m just guessing that it might have to do with the directory structure being different when it’s being executed by perl than when I’m poking around with bash.

I’ve tried setting the data directory to ‘/home/-mywebusername-/wiki’ and ‘/home/-mywebusername-/’, and it didn’t work. Is the directory structure different, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

The web server I’m on is ‘lei,’ I believe.

I thought about putting this on the ‘3rd Party Software’ board, but it seemed like such an obviously ‘beginner’ question that I put it here. Hopefully, that was an appropriate choice.

I didn’t have any problems.

What do you mean by broke? Are you getting an internal server error, or some other type of error message?

If it is an HTTP error, check the error.log file to see what it says. If it says premature end of script headers, there is most likely a syntax error . To check that, log in to shell and run ‘perl -c filename’ to see the syntax errors.

But no, the directory structure is not different.

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Sorry, yeah.
Looks like the problem was really a simple one - I had borked up a few lines when I was configuring it.
I probably shouldn’t have posted on here first thing, sorry. New server, so the first thought I had was that there might be some peculiarity resulting from that… Oh, well.