Wiki redirected by .htpasswd?

Greetings all,

I’ve run into a strange problem. I’ve created a wiki via the Goodies panel. For simplicity, let’s say the address is:

/foo doesn’t currently contain anything other than the wiki directory, but it will eventually contain other content.

I’m trying to password-protect the entire /foo tree. I went through the .htaccess/webDAV panel and entered the appropriate information to protect /foo. Instead, the script created a .htaccess and .htpasswd file for /foo/wiki.

For the time being, that’s fine, but here’s the problem. When I try to access the wiki, it redirects me to the root of the domain. In other words, I get, and I’m never presented with the login screen to enter the username and password.

As an experiment, I deleted the /foo/wiki .ht files and created them at /foo. Same result. I then created the .ht files in both /foo and /foo/wiki but again - same result.

This occurs for any address inside the /foo tree - an automatic redirect to the home page of the domain without a username/password entry request. The only thing that restores normal functionality to the wiki is removing all of the .ht* files.

I don’t want to protect anything other than the /foo tree. Has anyone else run into this problem? Is there something obvious that I’ve missed?