Wiki htaccess page

I’m trying to refresh my memory on setting up custom error pages. I have made the pages, 404.html, and I think I need to put a line in .htaccess for each relevant directory.

Searching the Wiki for “error page” finds what I think is the page I need to view:

However, clicking on that gets me

There is currently no text in this page, you can search for this page title in other pages or edit this page.

which, I guess, means that someone wrote a nice page and named it .htacess (no dot might have been a good idea!) and then it’s been replaced by a real .htacess page OR the wiki program makes .files forbidden.

So: can anyone tell me the line that goes in .htaccess to redirect 404 and other server errors?

Does anyone know how to fix the wiki to display the htaccess page?

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I have been told by DH that some antivirus software especially Norton will block that page. I have confirmed this as temporarily disabling Norton will allow the page to display.

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Thanks - it’s weird, the links in my search results don’t have the index.php bit.