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I’m starting to play with Wiki (MediaWiKi) and I’m very surprised how much lack of information there is for newbie. There is so much wiki, and so much help file, but none seem to covert the basic. (it took me 30 minutes to understand how to make a new page !)

Anyway. I want to know how to costomize the Navigation menu.

I know I have to copy the $wgNavigationLinks = array in my LocalSetting and change the namespace, but how do I make those namespace ?

If I put the name of a page or category, it simply don’t find it.

What I want is to make a simple menu with my main category. (isn’t that basic ?)

Thanks for help

Do you want to create a link in the menu on the left or create a menu page that links all the pages together. The later one is easier. First one, I am still studying.

I modified the Template page for what I wanted.

Now I have a bug with firefox (work great in IE) it’s not easy to find it. (it’s the vertical alingment of the menu on the left. it’s not the same on ie and firefox)

Something to check, in one of the folders is some css files, one for ie and another for mozilla. The fix may be there.

I also started a mediawiki site the other day, and it’s baffling me how poor the built-in documentation is. And for most settings, you need shell access; there’s no site-wide preferences settings page.

I’m used to working with TWiki ( which is much easier to configure – once it’s installed! I note that DH made a (very good!) one-click installer for a wiki system that is different than what we are voting for in the Suggestions panel.

I’d love to see a one-click TWiki instead… :-/

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I do have to agree that there are a lot of areas covered very poorly in the external version of the manual. Since the external version is just a click away, they probably could not justify adding an internal one.
A good example, is the manual does not tell you how to change the colors, but if you look at their examples, then you can see how colors work. But I find it weird, that you can change the background color in a table, but not the text. If the text is not in a table, then you can change the text color and not the background. These things would not be very hard to add, between css and php, I am sure this could easily be added.
Ok, ranting over.

What I mean is that even extremely simple things like a bulleted or numbered list – how do you do that?? I came across it by accident, by typo. Surely that can’t be. I have yet to find a page like some sort of a “formatting guide” or quick reference sheet. Can anybody point one out to me?

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I’ve succeeded in enabling uploads, but it seems that there are some built-in limitations:

  • max. recommended file size 100kb – Users must click a button “ignore recomendation and upload anyway” to proceed. How do I increase this limit?
  • .zip extension not allowed – How do control what’s allowed and what isn’t?

How do I find these answers in

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Me too! :slight_smile:

I’m running a twiki ( ) and while its a little slow, its also very well documented and easy to fiddle with its look and feel.

I installed mediawiki thinking I might move the content over, but it seems to make the easy things hard, and the hard things impossible. Surely there’s another one-click wiki thats less variable heavy than mediawiki?

Most of your answers, including all the text formatting ones, should be found in the Mediawiki Handbook.

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

For the .zip, look in the LocalSetting.php file. I think there is all extension allowed there.

I agree. The Documentation is very poor. I mean, I was completely new to Wiki, and it took me one hour to understand how to make a new page! I have found many option my making mistake (like using list or sub title)

But I try to work with it and I try to make flash animation for helping visitor to understand wiki. It’s not that hard, just very badly documented.

My only problem is with the menu on the left. There is the Wiki Image just over that I removed. (I have made my own Header) IE is smart enough to see the image isn’t there and push on top the menu. Making the perfect alignment.

Firefox is stupid, and don’t see the image was removed. So, the space for the image is still there and the menu is too low. I can correct that telling it where I want it, but if I fix Firefox, IE6 is wrong (Firefox start to count right after the header while IE6 start to count from top of the page.)

So if I give x=0 and y=150 for the menu, the 150 is different from IE and Firefox.
In IE it will be 150 while on Firefox it will be 150 + the header image (130px) so it makes it 130 pixel lower.