Wicked fast now!

Well my site is up and wicked fast now.

Well done DH. Here’s hoping this has solved the issues.

yea…mine too… Of course, I had this same response about this time on Monday night, only to have things degrade seriously the next morning during US business hours…here’s to hoping that this time it is really fixed! :smiley:

Mine too :slight_smile:

In fact, my sites are working slicker than I can recall for a long while. Fingers crossed that things stay good this time.


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Mine too, yay! And that’s even from Europe where it’s usually been rather sluggish.

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idd, everything seems to be running faster than I remember - been with DH since Jan. Hopefully this is a taste of continued service.

Well done guys for sorting things out, I know you’ve had a lot of sticks taken to you over these issues.

Very nice… feels all dreamy and stuff :wink:

~ umm what about those guys that have all buggered off to other hosts? e.g alternativehosts & dreamhostanxiety (same person I think) well… In the words of a great philosopher.

"… aah piddy tha fewl …"
Mr. T

VB: If alternativehosts was as rude to the DH staff as he was to the people on this board, they’re probably glad to get rid of him. The only complication will be when he discovers DH is the best after all, and comes back. lol

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