Wich forums are hosted at Dreamhost?


anyone knows forums wich are hosted at Dreamhosts on a shared server?

just to measure up how big can be mine, before causing load problems to other sites


They have phpBB on the one-click installs


I suggest you tu use PunBB, it’s light and very fast (for both server and client) if you compare it with competitors.

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I am not sure I understand your question.

Are you asking what forum software you can run on your DreamHost shared hosting plan? or are you asking for examples of existing forums hosted on DreamHost that you can check out?

If the former; The ‘One-Click Installs’ section of the web panel only supports phpBB, but you can manually install most other forum software.


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I am hosting a few forums, and they all work fine

http://www.ratemodels.net/forum (PHPBB)
http://www.mobile-fun.org/forum (vBulletin)

Make sure your software works with MySQL5 , because I
think all new dbs are MySql 5

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I run an SMF forum (www.simplemachines.org) on DreamHost and it works great.