Why won't my website refresh?

Okay so on my localhost my site works fine but on the dreamhost it doesn’t refresh :confused: it should though I have this in the body:

and I have this in my javascript code:


			function pageRefresh(t){
				setTimeout("location.reload(true);", t);


I call this function from 2 seperate locations, it should refresh if it sits for 5 seconds or immediately after a user clicks a button on the page. It however never refreshes on the sever. it does work on my localhost though :confused: am I missing something here? this is my first time using a server.

You’re defining a function called “pageRefresh”, but trying to call it as “JpageRefresh”. Since these don’t match, it won’t work.

You may want to consider using a meta refresh tag instead, as that doesn’t depend on Javascript.