Why, what and where?

Please help me out before I sign up. :slight_smile:

After reading several threads on this forums, I am worried about slowness people mentioned. Are servers overloaded all the time? Control panel got hanged?

I understand DH use in-house control panel. How’s that compares to the other control panels? I been experienced with Plesk, Ensim and cPanel. I favor in cPanel due to its powerful features. :slight_smile:

I was told SquirrelMail was included in the hosting. Another other alternative webmail been builds-in? Also where is DH data center hosted? In the US?


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Hi Wooster!

It’s true that there have been posts in the forum about slow servers. But to put things in perspective: there are more than 120.000 domains hosted at Dreamhost, and they are not all complaining. I am one of those who don’t complain. My personal experience is that DH is far better than any other host I’ve tried – at no extra cost, considering all the features and disk space you get.

Control panel:
DH uses it’s own control panel, and it’s very different from the standard ones. But that’s generally a good thing because it’s custom made for DH. Some changes you make take effect within 5 minutes, others may take 2 hours or so. I have no experience with other panel systems, but cPanel is often mentioned here as comparison and the reply generally is that the DH panel is just good or better, it’s just structured differently. So once you learn the way of the DH panel, you should be just as happy with it as with cPanel.

Squirrelmail is the only webmail system that is preinstalled from DH on your account, and as far as I know they are not planning to replace it. It’s pretty okay (except that it uses frames with is always a curse). If you are server proficient, you could install any other webmail package for your account instead or as well as Squirrelmail.

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Thanks for all the information. You are right about the slowness complains. It’s only a small percentage of people not satisified. Overall it’s not that bad as compare to all goodies I am getting. It’s time to join and thank you.

One more thing, does anybody know where is DH data center is located? I am just curious.

One more thing, does anybody know where is DH data center is located? I am just curious.

Southern California, in the Los Angeles area.

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