Why was my topic about the price increase closed?

My topic “Unhappy with price increase” was closed, even though there was a recent post in it (and I’m unable to reply). I see that other topics, with less recent posts, are still open. I thought topics weren’t supposed to be closed until the topic hadn’t received a response for 30 days? Is this the customer service we are now paying extra for?

Dreamhost appears to not want users to find out about the price increase until a week or so before they are up for renewal, ie. not giving them enough time to switch away. But closing topics about the price increase is a bit ham-fisted, isn’t it?

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It looks like @system marked most of the last year’s posts as “ARCHIVED”, not just the price-increase topic. The same thing happened last year mid-August, so I suspect it is an automated or semi-automated script.

Most of the last year’s post are closed, so archiving them seems reasonable, but the script was ham-fisted for closing still-active topics.

Seemes everything up to July was closed.

This wasn’t a post from last year. I went to post a reply to a comment that was made 8 days ago and was prevented from doing so because it was closed. Here’s what I was going to say there: I have also been a customer for more than decade and remember that we were promised these rates forever.

Maybe in 6 weeks or so MariT will respond to this to tell me how great the customer service is again. :roll_eyes:

Yeah, someone screwed up. 2 different solutions to my threads have been removed… just that last post. Both solutions I discovered myself, but I posted them for others to possibly benefit.

Remember “Files Forever” (or whatever it was called)?
That was also free forever. Until they turned it off, that is, at the moment that they created a “new product” for file storage.

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