Why Use GMail and How?


Hi, I’m having trouble with a client I switched over to DH, when they’re sending out emails. They’re a non-profit and send Press Releases. Only thing is, they’re apparently sending too many (53 at one time is apparently too many) and keep getting blocked. DH Support is not helping me understand how we can move forward from that, but that’s another issue. I would appreciate any advice anyone can give me: Should I give them a Gmail hosted email account through their DH hosted domain, so they can use that solely to send out their press releases?
I don’t understand the relationship of using Gmail and why I should use Gmail. I guess I don’t understand why we can’t just use DH email, it’s not like my client is trying to send out thousands of emails at one time.


GMail is a good option for mass emails.

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I am very surprised to hear that you are not getting good support regarding this issue, as this is a very common situation and is a routine support inquiry. If you would like, send me your WebID (primary email address for your account) or your Account Number via PM and I will look into that for you.

What you client is encountering is our SMTP quota. There is an article in the DreamHost wiki that explains this, and how it works, in great detail.

Note that even “Press Releases” from your non-profit client must comply with our anti-spam policy, even if you do send them within the limits of the SMTP quota, via Gmail, or any other third party mailer.

–DreamHost Tech Support


I am trying to send you an email reply, but I don’t know what you mean by via PM, and I am getting so frustrated with support’s help!!! I know about the friggin’ quota. I am not getting my questions answered directly or even quickly. I don’t consider hours in between emails fast. please email me directly and I’ll tell you my situation. I have lost so much time on this.


I was referring to using the “Private Message” function of the forum (it’s “Send Private” in the menu across the top of the screen). That said, I will not email you directly - this forum is not an official support channel. I was just trying to be helpful here by offering to look into your situation. It ws not an offer to engage you in a personal dialog.

If you wish to provide the information I asked for, my offer to look into your support situation and expedite your receiving help via the support channel is still open.

–DreamHost Tech Support


I apologize for my curt-ness. My phone has been ringing all morning from an unhappy client and I am getting more frustrated as their level increases. I will PM. You guys are always so helpful and usually extremly quick, so the delay in getting an answer is compounding my frustration.


Then you’re doing it wrong.

A cursory search of the Wiki produces an excellent article about getting around quota limitations for junkmailers.


^ That would probably sort your client out.

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