Why transfer DNS?

I just signed up, with the intention of moving an existing web site to here, and adding several other domains/websites.

I’ve throughly read http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Transfer_your_hosting_to_us, but everything there is about moving DNS registration to DreamHost. Why must DNS registration be moved to Dreamhost? All my domains are registered at GoDaddy, and I want to leave registration there, and point www.mydomains.com to the proper IP address here at Dreamhost. I have much better control over DNS at GoDaddy that I’m not willing to give up. Thanks.

You don’t need to move domain registration to DreamHost. You just need to set the DNS servers as DreamHost. IP addresses may change, and DreamHost updates its DNS servers with your site’s latest information. If you really want to use GoDaddy servers, then go ahead and set up your site here, then click DNS next to your hosted site and copy the records info over to GoDaddy DNS.