Why such an old MySQL

I’d like to know why you’re using version 3.23.51 when 4.1.9 is out. Most hosts that I’ve checked out are at least somewhere in the 4.x range. There are quite a few new features and functionality in the 4x series. Here’s a side by side comparison: http://dev.mysql.com/tech-resources/crash-me.php?res_id=33

My current host uses 4.0.23, and you’d have to be using at least that for me to switch (which I’d really like to do, otherwise). I also didn’t get a reply to this via the contact form I submitted yesterday.

Uhm I dont know where you are seeing that version but the version that is being offered to me is Version 4.3.10

I’m getting it from the MySQL section of the phpinfo output. 4.3.10 is PHP, not MySQL.

Excellent info, thanks!

Sorry my bad… I too see
[sake]$ mysql -V
mysql Ver 14.7 Distrib 4.1.8, for pc-linux (i386)