Why Subversion?

Can someone please explain why I migh want to use Subversion? How does it benefit a web designer? Thanks!


Have you ever changed something and wished you hadn’t?
Have you ever coded something and didn’t realize it broke something else until later?
Have you ever had a hard drive die?
Have you ever worked on a project with one or more other people and needed a way to keep your files in sync?

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

Are you familiar with the concepts and benefits of a version control system?

The previous poster asks all the right questions.

The true benefits don’t happen until you start working with others (then its ESSENTIAL), but even by yourself its a useful way of having ‘good hygene’ when working with text based files (web pages, code etc).

It’s worth knowing about and investigating, but only you may know if you want to bother with it.

If you are going to use SVN, use tortoiseSVN (standalone windows SVN client) or eclipses’ SubEclipse plugin.

As others have mentioned; version control.