Why so slow?

I’m running a vBulletin message board with the MySQL database being hosted here. I also have an earlier copy of the db here with the rest of the vBulletin board on here too for testing purposes.

The trouble is that for some weeks now since we moved the db here, our members have been complaining about how slow the board is. It’s not a problem with vBulletin from what I can see of other sites, nor is it a problem having the install on one host and the db here as the test board is also slow.

What gives?

Try contacting support. Maybe they can track down the bottleneck. In the meantime, you can SSH or Telnet into your server and see what the load’s like using the command ‘uptime’ without the quotes.



what os system are you running? for a macpro, 0s 10.4, 2.66 GHz
2 Processors, this is what was recommended to me:

  1. Open up a terminal window (Located in /Applications/Utilities).
  2. Flush your DNS cache with the following command: lookupd
  3. Type logout and press the ‘Enter’ key to close the window.

you can give it a try. I just did. i haven’t seen any change in speed. maybe you will.

good luck

I have been unable to locate your account, what is your domain?


Oh and it doesn’t help that the database has been down for the last few hours either…

“MySQL Error : Table ‘./zrxocboard/post’ is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed”

All I did was log in to your database and run:

zrxocboard> repair table post;

| Table | Op | Msg_type | Msg_text |

| zrxocboard.post | repair | warning | Number of rows changed from 0 to 124680 |
| zrxocboard.post | repair | status | OK |

2 rows in set (5.98 sec)

which you could have done yourself easily as well.

I do see some performance problems with your mysql server in its history. One of the database admins was working with another customer on optimizing his stuff this morning and things seem to have improved considerably since then. Please keep an eye on your page performance and send in another support request under the Mysql Slow category if it happens again and we will track down the problem. It is a weakness of our current system that one customer can affect other customers sharing the same server.

Well if I’d known that I could do that and how to do that - once the db server was actually back up, of course - I’d have probably done that…

Thanks for doing it, by the way.

Was that the reason why that server was down for a few hours and put a fault on our board’s db?

It’s only affecting the two boards running on the DreamHost db server and is unconnected with my high-end PC.

It appears that a customer and a tech were messing about with the server and caused the slowness and the server to crash and be offline for a number of hours yesterday - right at the peak time for our message board.

The server’s still slow today.

Slower than Dubya yet again! Why?

Did you report it to support as michael requested? (Note, Michael is an owner. It’s a VERY good idea to do what he requests because it WILL get fixed. But if you don’t do what he asks I can bet he won’t go out of his way)


Yes. Another support ticket raised and a further reply sent.

The db server is really slow again. Here are the recent server load averages:

3.61 3.50 3.18

Not good…

Those numbers are common for a shared dual-core web server. Mine tends to run about that hard with 50% idle cpu. Currently 4.34, 5.72, 6.26 The old tuning theory of < 1.0 doesn’t appear to be as critical with multi-core CPUs as it did in the old days. It’s also not reasonable to expect < 1 on a shared server.

I’ve not got a reading on the DB servers because I don’t have a shell login to the DB server. (remember that MySQL runs on separate machines from web servers.) If you’re concerned about DB performance, you can submit a ticket specifically about th DB to ask a DH DBA to take a look at it.


Thanks Wholly - there’s a support ticket already in the queue.

Let us know what they find?