Why So Much Down Time?


Guys, I have been a loyal customer for a while and I can not help but notice and mention that your down time numbers have become unacceptable. What’s going on?

I used to never worry about my sites being up, or that database issues would cause users to not be able to view or access content, but now, lately, it’s a big worry.

So today, after being completely down like all other DreamHost users for hours I again have to ask; What’s going on?

Please provide me/us with details about this latest outage.

I’m also looking for reasons and assurances as to WHY myself and others should stay with DreamHost?

Thank you!


There’s a Status Page for that:

Personally, I’ve experienced 100% uptime for 9 out of every 10 weeks of mon.itor.us reports. That other 1 week is typically 99 point something. Last night’s 30 minute outage for me works out to 99.7% uptime for the week if there are no more outages. Those are my currently acceptable downtime numbers. I’ll be staying.



Please, is this SPAM?..

That status page (http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/) is weak at best for actual reasons to the outage.

Scott, I’m glad you’re getting good up time, but me and let’s face it a lot of others are not. That’s great you only had a 30 minute outage, the rest of us were down for over 5 hours.

Just in the last 3 months alone my sites and others I manage have all been down due to a DH related issue over 10 times. One of them was down for a over 24 hours when some MYSQL migration went wrong.

I’ve been patient, now I want to know what’s going on, and why I should stay a customer.


My site is currently down at the moment. This is the 2nd time of this week.

It took more than 4 hrs to bring it up last time.

Yeah, please follow it up closely.