Why so many promo codes?


What’s the deal with all the promo codes in many of the signature lines around here? Why would one say “hey man! use 3456” instead “check out my site X, it’s the coolest on the planet” or whatever?



Any user can create them. Before they existed, the forum was just flooded with affiliate links, which didn’t give the customer anything, but paid the affiliate $97.

I’d say use one that belongs to someone that actually helped you out in some way, if you’re not a customer and plan on signing up. If no one has been helpful, you can pretty much just pick one.

I believe 5050 is a current one that’s direct from Dreamhost if you’d rather not give anyone credit for signing up.

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There are three reasons that come to mind immediately:

  1. The need to get some referrals to offset the cost of hosting.
  2. The altruistic desire to make sure that pre-sales people who come to the forums get the best promo codes available. I wish I had discovered the forums before I signed up. I would have saved some cash and probably gotten some extra domain registrations and such. Then again, maybe I still would’ve gone with the referral for my friend from work who clued me in to Dreamhost in the first place…
  3. My websites are currently nowhere near as impressive as the ones done by the other folks here and… I’m embarrassed. :slight_smile:

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Guess I should asked before I bought an account for evaluation. Oh well, can’t win them all :wink:


  1. so that everybody will be talking about DH :slight_smile:

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