Why should i one click install?

Are there any benefits for me if I do a one click install rather than installing… how the installation guides tell me to? (other than the fact that clicking once is easier than uploading, installing, configuring, etc.) (And yes, I have had experience installing things like Wordpress, Textpattern, Joomla!, Drupal, etc.)

If you understand the “nuances” of DreamHost’s suexec environment and are capable of doing your own installations, I see no advantage at all to “one-click” installs (and I see several potential disadvantages). :wink:

I think the main value is for those who don’t have the skills or knowledge, or who just want an ultra-convenient “all in one” solution (for instance, WordPress’s install includes a bunch of templates).

Some would argue that the “one-click” upgrade feature is a good reason to use them, but I see no need, and like to have better control of my upgrades anyway.


Really they’re only for the lazy and somewhat inept management types like me. :slight_smile:

I also like the notifications of upgrades. I’m always going to the panel anyway and it’s convenient to see which sites have to be upgraded.

That’s also a downside as it does take a few days or weeks from a release to when it’s available as a one-click upgrade.

There’s also the fact that the original installation (and presumably upgrades) are somewhat supported. Note the somewhat. :confused:

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Ha ha ha! Well, I wouldn’t go that far, and all evidence on these forums indicates that you are neither inept or not lazy! :slight_smile:

You make some good points about some of the value of “one-click” installs and I agree that if there is a problem with a “one-click”, you are likely to have better luck getting support to help because of that “provide by Dreamhost” aspect of the thing. :wink:


I use the Wordpress one-click for installation because I’m lazy, but I don’t like the one-click upgrade and always do that manually.

If the other upgrades are like WP, then I’d say avoid those on any scripts where you apply a bunch of mods or edit the code, etc.

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I’ll admit I have done the same, but I am often frustrated with the “one-click” requirement that a directory be completely empty before the installation can begin, so I got out of the habit of doing it. :wink:


Yeah, but my level of laziness often means the site already has zero content, so it’s not an issue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not so much of an issue for people that want them in directories like /blog, /gallery, /wiki, etc… but a little extra work for someone that already has other directories and wants to run something like WP in the root directory.

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Yep! You nailed it exactly. I kept running into it when trying to add Joomla! or WP in the the root as part of converting an existing site - index.html functions to serve the existing content while index.php loads up the Joomla!/WP making it easy for “users” to migrate the content - then when they are ready, I just delete the old site’s files, and the new site is live. :slight_smile:

I know it is not the best way to do it, but I’m lazy too sometimes. :wink:

It is actually better to “properly” stage a developing site on it’s own domain/subdomain (protected with .htaccess authentication), or “offline” completely (and that is what I ususally do), but sometimes I’m tempted to just do it “quick and dirty”.


One time, I was going to put a one-click WP in a directory that wasn’t empty… had a few HTML pages, images directory, etc…

I was so lazy that instead of doing a manual installation, I had a browser open for the one-click & Putty open to move everything into another directory, do the one-click, then move it all back.

It was basically the online equivalent of peeing in your pants because you’re too lazy to walk to the bathroom. :stuck_out_tongue:

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:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: HA HA HA! I LOVE IT! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Oh come now, it’s not that bad! :slight_smile:

I’d say it’s only on the order of peeing in the shower. :open_mouth:

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So basically, the only benefit is for support reasons and… if I feel like… peeing in my pants/shower.

I think I can get over that and do my installations manually… And also, is an one click install pretty much exactly the same as doing a “real” install? Just wondering because I hear that for some hacks/mods, you would need a “real” install.


Yep, unless you change something in the file structure layout, or some other major change, during your manual install, the end result is much the same either way.

Any “hack/mods” that you do are likely to require special attention during at install and/or upgrade time no matter how you install the thing. Obviously, a “once-click” won’t include any such stuff, while some “packages” you might come across may.

A “one-click” upgrade of a “once-click” install will overwrite such changes just as a careless manually back up will (though the “one-click” upgrade does “automagically” create a back-up of your old installation (which you should, of course, be doing when you “manually” back up also).

I think it’s all just a matter of personal preference. You can have the “one-click” robot install for you, or you can install yourself - the result is the same and each method has advantages and disadvantages, at installation time and again at upgrade time.


When I signed up for Dreamhost I didn’t know how to upload wordpress to my domain. So I installed Wordpress using 1 click install. All newbies should use the 1 click install. If you are comfortable uploading files using an ftp client and configuring Wp then I would suggest you to install WP on your own method.

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