Why QuickTime Streaming?

Noob question: I currently have video on my site – about 100 hits a day. The QT movies are just embedded in the page. I do not understand what DreamHost means by QuickTime Streaming, and what the advantage of redesigning the site to use it would be.

Thanks very much.

Mitchell Rose

From what I understand, it helps to prevent video ripping. I prefer HTTP streaming though; it’s much easier to implement. I use the JW flash player, which supports MOV (H.264/MPEG-4) files on Flash Player 9 and above. Visitors are then able to play your videos in glorious full screen, and IE users don’t need to be annoyed by ActiveX.

For more info on the JW Flash player at Dreamhost, visit http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Flash_Media_Player

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At this point, there’s really no great advantage to QuickTime streaming over just using the Flash player. I honestly don’t recommend using it unless you have a very specific need for it (i.e, live streaming — although other sites really do a better job of that).