Why not a help specific in every panel page?

Only a suggest:

Im new in dreamhost, Im a beginner in all that and I find frustrating that there is not a help specific in every page of the web panel.

In every step I have doubts and a help specific to every, button and function of the web panel would be a very useful and appreciated.

The wiki help is good but its not inside the flow of managing the panel.

I think your support team would reduce the number of requests!

Please consider it.


Sounds like a good idea. Just so you know, this is a customer forum, and DH people only come here once in a while. you can put in a sigguestion in the Panel > Home > Sigguestions. Or you can send it directly to support through the form.


Thanks matttail I did not know that DH people not come to here very much.

I will try your suggestion.

I’d definitely vote for this suggestion.

While I personally didn’t have too many problems figuring out how everything fitted together in the Web Panel (aside from one or two details that I eventually nutted out), I can see how some, not so familiar with the terminology, would have problems.


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I’d vote for it, too. I’m pretty comfortable with the panel, but sometimes I get stuck and it’d be really nice to have a specific help link from the area I’m in instead of the generic link.