Why no discussion lists with dreamcompute? Shared hosting or VPS required!


I started out with shared hosting, and began some discussion lists for a non-profit I support. Then I upgraded to a VPS. Then when sudo powers were removed from VPS, dreamhost support made a full-court press for me to migrate to dreamcompute (to be fair, they allowed me to keep sudo for a while.). Migrating to dreamcompute took a long time for me to get up to speed. Then after I had migrated my web sites from VPS to dreamcompute, I had a VERY RUDE SHOCK when the mailing lists vanished the day the VPS was deleted. I got them back, but only by starting shared hosting I don’t want or need. So now I pay for BOTH shared hosting and dreamcompute. This makes no sense to me.

Is there a reason dreamcompute does not count as “hosting” for the purposes of using the mailing lists? I would much rather spend the shared hosting fees on upgrading my dreamcompute instance (or having another instance).

I could implement mailman on my dreamcompute instance, but seems like a very dangerous idea. As there something I am missing? It appears that mailman discussion lists come if you have “hosting” and dreamcompute doesn’t count as “hosting”. Is this right?