Why no discussion lists with dreamcompute? Shared hosting or VPS required!

I started out with shared hosting, and began some discussion lists for a non-profit I support. Then I upgraded to a VPS. Then when sudo powers were removed from VPS, dreamhost support made a full-court press for me to migrate to dreamcompute (to be fair, they allowed me to keep sudo for a while.). Migrating to dreamcompute took a long time for me to get up to speed. Then after I had migrated my web sites from VPS to dreamcompute, I had a VERY RUDE SHOCK when the mailing lists vanished the day the VPS was deleted. I got them back, but only by starting shared hosting I don’t want or need. So now I pay for BOTH shared hosting and dreamcompute. This makes no sense to me.

Is there a reason dreamcompute does not count as “hosting” for the purposes of using the mailing lists? I would much rather spend the shared hosting fees on upgrading my dreamcompute instance (or having another instance).

I could implement mailman on my dreamcompute instance, but seems like a very dangerous idea. As there something I am missing? It appears that mailman discussion lists come if you have “hosting” and dreamcompute doesn’t count as “hosting”. Is this right?

I use both shared and DC. I understand the curiosity about why we need to pay for shared if we don’t actually use it. To me, the value is in the panel for maintenance of unlimited databases, domains, email addresses, etc. It includes data center management, name servers, etc. So I’m mostly OK with it. Yeah, if we really don’t need that, it would be nice if we didn’t have to pay for it. That cost on top of DC pushes the DC costs into the same range as other similar offerings if we’re only running a couple instances.

As to mailing lists, the DH offering is merely a convenience. I prefer to use software for which I have complete control. That avoids “very rude shocks”.


Starbuck, thanks for responding. I more or less agree with you that the Dreamhost value proposition is good even if I have to pay for shared hosting that (up until now) I am not using just to keep mailing lists.

If I was really brave, I would install GNU Mailman on my DreamCompute instance and migrate my two Dreamhost mailing lists to DreamCompute. However I am not sure that is a good idea since an aging group of users related to a non-profit really depend the mailing lists to keep connected. I am an aging retired geek myself. So at the moment I have an unused shared hosting account just to keep the mailing lists going, happy to have DreamHost managing the software. That said, there is nothing stopping me from installing my own mailing list on DreamCompute and experimenting; maybe I would gain enough confidence to migrate my mailing lists.

I hear ya on all of that.

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