Why no cPanel?

Why does Dreamhost choose not to use cPanel? Most of their competitors are (or a variant of) and, IMO, cPanel is FAR superior to what Dreamhost calls their Admin Panel. I’ve had tons of people like what they see at Dreamhost but when they see Dreamhost’s poor exscuse for an Admin panel they choose to host else where. So really, why do you choose not to use cPanel? I know it’s a little pricey BUT how are the other companies offering very similar plans at similar pricing but yet they offer cPanel?

cPanel wouldn’t suit DH’s cluster setup, and it would also be expensive. I also can’t imagine how DH would customise cPanel to suit their services. Personally, I prefer DH’s panel over cPanel, and I’m saying this after having used cPanel for nearly 4 years, and DH’s panel for just over 2 months.

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I have equal experience with both panels and would take DH’s any day.

Another advantage is that the ton of CPanel exploits out there are nothing to worry about here.

Cpanel is popular–but if every host was capable of writing their own robust control panel, CPanel would probably go out of business.

It would be like asking Microsoft why they use Windows instead of Linux, even though a lot of people would say Linux is better.

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I think it is a case of horses for courses. If you want cPanel then you take out a licence for it. DreamHost own their own ControlPanel which is far superior to cPanel in terms of use and flexibility. I have a hosting account using cPanel and it is just tedious to use and of course it accounts for most of the cost of the hosting account.

If the cPanel servers go down you have problems updating and checking the licence, and if cPanel.Net went bust then there would be no cPanel!

You only have to look at the cPanel forum to see the masses of problems.

It is a bit like comparing OS’s where you have WindowsXP for people who just want to click buttons or Linux/Mac for people who want to think about what they do.

You will find few if any hosting companies or are able to offer what DreamHost offer in the way of Disk space, Bandwidth, which increases on a weekly basis, and Shell access. Plus of course a friendly support staff. All for $22.40 for the first 12 months. Other hosting companies have to factor in the cost of the cPanel licence of course.

Since DreamHost have designed their systems around the ControlPanel it would be nigh on impossible to replace it for an inferior product. I appreciate that it can be difficult for some people to understand new ideas but all it takes is a little application and study rather than a few minutes looking at a demo or screenshot.

Which particular aspects of the ControlPanel do your ‘tons’ of people not like.

It is no good people burying their head in the sand and refusing to learn different systems, it is far better to widen your experience of a modern world and embrace different and new technologies. Otherwise we might as well stay in a cave writing with a stone on the wall.

We are all just customers here on this customer to customer forum and have no influence on what DreamHost choose to control their system with (although they have a well read suggestions page). Maybe you should direct your question to the DreamHost sales/support people for an answer.

I use ControlPanel, cPanel and DirectAdmin. I am skilled in all of them.



Opinions are my own views, not DreamHosts’.
I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

You act on my advice at your own risk!

One of my reasons for choosing DH was because they had a custom control panel. I refused to choose a cPanel host because I dislike the WHM/cPanel setup, and I wanted to experience a different system.

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I’m no expert w/ webhosting
2 years ago I’m hosting w/ local reseller and they use cPanel
but… somehow it’s to complicated (I never use any features inside cpanel)
and when I want to use it I can’t find the feature that I want to use (at that time the host use cPanel v. 8)

I thought DH panel is the same like cPanel
but somehow, i find it more simplier and really easy to use

everything is inside there, the only bothering me is everytime I want to add new user/mysql, etc I have to wait 15mnt to get things started

explore the panel and you will love it

  • my fave menu only Space & BW used LoL


Yes, exactly. I can’t even describe how crazy cPanel makes me.


I used cpanel for years and never thought much of it. My previous host rarely kept anything updated, so it always had problems. Changing over to DH made me realize how inadequate cpanel really was. DH’s custom panel is one of the first things I talk about when telling people about DreamHost.

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

I love Dreamhost’s panel because I am able to manage all my domains at one place.

I wouldn’t dream of swapping Dreamhost’s panel with cpanel.
(Although, it would be fantastic if DH’s panel was a little bit quicker!) :slight_smile:

I refuse to use a host that has cPanel. Why? Because for all I know, it could be a 16 year old reseller. Not that there’s anything wrong with that per se, but I’d prefer to be with a company that writes their own infrastructure.