Why my Old website is going down?


I have old website and for long time this website was so good from 2 month ago this website with wordpress platform going down,

Start first with Error 500 Server and after that Lost Alexa Rank from about 300,000 changed to about 1,500,000 and seems somethings keep website down, i checked 10000 things in website but i really don’t understand “WHY”?

Somebody said your Wordpress Theme is old maybe because of that, is it possible be for Old theme?

Please help me if you have this problem before.


Please see my reply to you other post.

Hi! Yes, the problem could appear because of the old theme. I built a website for a restaurant using Wordpress (actually, I like Wordpress more than website builders), and I found a great collection of themes for any case. I chose the wordpress restaurant theme (https://www.templatemonster.com/category/food-restaurant-wordpress-themes/) and I haven’t had problems with it yet (Thanks God :)). But I think, almost everyone can be on your place. I hope you will solve your problem soon.

Did you enable auto upgrade wordpress? Or did you install any new extension?

I faced same problem in my website: http://www.globosoftware.net/prestashop-modules/prestashop-instagram-module/
I got 500 error when I didn’t turn off auto upgrade wordpress.

Now, you should check apache error log. it is often: /var/log/error.log
Or you should enable wordpress debug then see the error.

If it take much time, you should use your backup version.

Good luck.

You will have to do all uptdates of wordpress. Theme, plugins ect… It’s the main reason of the problem.