Why my account is suspended?

in December 2006 I created new account on DH using promo code 5back, which discounted some money and I payed only $22.40 for new account. Yesterday when I opened account I saw a message:

Can anyone tell me why account is suspended? I paid with promo code for whole year, why I must pay now? How can I turn on my account?

You’ll want to contact support (via the control panel) about this, because no one here can help you I’m afraid. Perhaps it’s just a mistake in billing? I don’t know.

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If you have any queries like this, you should probably take it up with the creator of the promo code, or perhaps the person who promotes it.

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I don’t understand why I must contact them, it’s not their business that I used promo code. Am not I right, or not?

I suppose it depends on whether or not the promo code was legitimate, and gave you the discount it promised. I have simply provided you with additional avenues of investigation - it is up to you whether or not to use them.

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As others have already suggested, you should discuss this with support. To me, it looks like they never got (or never credited you) for the initial $22.40 that probably represented what you owed for the first year after the promo code (but that’s just a guess, given the amount) :wink:

Generally, when an account is suspended, support sends you an email explaining the circumstances. If you did not get this for some reason, you should check your Support History in the control panel, as it has copies of everything DreamHost has sent you.


There is nothing to be worried to contact DH support. Discuss your problems with them and they will settle it.

There could be many reasons why they suspend your account. We, as customers, cannot give your the correct answers.

The best way is as what other suggest – contact DH support

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Nothing went wrong with it. It worked extremely well, and I managed to sign up many new happy customers thank you very much. I’m not sure what you meant by “copycat” operation. I’m pretty sure the system I used was unique.

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The numbers on this seem to indicate a monthly payment issue, or something along those lines: It looks like starting approximately 97 days after the start date, the user began accumulating charges of about $7.95 a month.

Maybe a better detective can figure this out.


I’m voting that something went wrong with your original $22.40 payment.

Down at the bottom of the Billing>View Invoices screen in the “View Invoice Below” section, you can view up to 5 months of billings and payments. Reading that may be helpful in explaining what DreamHost thinks is going on with your account payments.

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Boy, did I really miss that part of the OP paying $22.40 originally, which is what he owes. On a 5back promo code, how does he end up owing $22.40?