Why isn't Phpmyadmin installed by default?


Or atleast offered as a one-click-install? Maybe it already is, I just don’t notice it? I don’t know a whole lot about databases, and without phpmyadmin I’m completely lost.

I tried installing it myself, but it isn’t exactly “easy.” Does anyone have any suggestions for a guy who’d like to experiment with Textpattern and other database driven systems, but has no experience with actually editing the databases.

Say for example, how would I empty, or basically get a clean swipe/restart of a database? I don’t want to delete it, just want everything in it to be deleted…

Any tips/links/suggestions?



remember that host name you set up when you created the database? just point your browser there, and log in with the user/pass you set up. You just found phpmyadmin. :slight_smile:



Doh! I suspected I was missing something obvious. Can’t thank you enough Matttail, really, I appreciate the speedy help.



So Dreamhost lives in the golden days of Telnet…wow oO;


hooray for plain text over ip eh? :stuck_out_tongue:
telnet + packet sniffer = what security
but yeah I never knew it had phpmyadmin till someone told me about 4 days after getting my plan, so yeah


remember that host name you set up when you created the database?

I’m embarassed to say, no I don’t remember that. I didn’t take notes because I thought it would be available to me later in some administrator page. Can you give me a hint on what it might look like? i.e. is it database.domain.com or is it the other www.domain.com.database?

Many thanks!


Just log into the panel (panel.dreamhost.com) Goodies > Mysql. All of your databases are listed there, with the host name.