Why isn't my SSL certificate working?

I first set up my site using FTP and got the free SSL certificate to go with my domain. However, I then decided to use a Remixer template instead. Once I published my Remixer site to the domain in place of the old FTP site, I noticed that my SSL certificate was no longer working and I started having trouble opening the site in my browser. Dreamhost tells me my HTTPS is not secure but when I go to register my domain for the free SSL certificate again it tells me I already have it? Any idea why this could be? Thanks.

Without you furnishing more information, I assume your cert is working correctly and that the browser is giving you the warning because you have unsecure file paths.

If you have any file paths (even just one) using HTTP instead of HTTPS, then the browser will display the warning that the page is not secure.

Solution: page by page, make all your file paths relative (without the HTTP://example.com) or just change all the HTTP to HTTPS. Any editor should be able to Find and Replace.

Thanks for the response; I figured out it was because Remixer doesn’t allow you to have an SSL. I appreciate the help though!

Always best to read up on potential options: