Why is web mail so slow?

Hi. I understand that congestion is one reason why one’s webmail may not work well, but my webmail is so slow on a regular basis that it’s nearly worthless. It takes 10-15 minutes to open the smallest document, assuming it doesn’t drop the connection first. Anybody else experiening slow webmail and know a way to improve it’s performance? Dreamhost hasn’t done much, if anything that I can ascertain, to improve it over the years.

I would us a regular email account at work, where I use my webmail daily, but POP and IMAP accounts are blocked here.

It has been unusable for me for the last 6 weeks. Dreamhost admits the problem, then acts like it’s fixed. Good luck getting any relief - I finally changed my MX record and am hosting my email at a host who has reliable email. It’s amazing the speed difference on webmail and IMAP accounts.

All my email is currently brutally slow, and has been for the past week or so. I’m sure DH will just blame something again, like network problems. Or like the last time they blamed me for having large attachments in my email. That irked me because I’ve been doing that for several years without a problem. They suggested removing anything over 1MB - what is this, 1995? If “large” attachments are now a problem, and they weren’t before, it’s obvious they recently did something to create the problem.

So who did you go with that has reliable email? I have slowly begun the transition to hosting my own stuff, but that will take a while. With the rate that DH is going downhill, I may need to find an interim solution.


yes horribly slow ever since i signed up. i heard good things about DH and now this. my sites are down as well. 200 bucks in the drain.

slow imap servers together with slow support and spam related issues are three BIG problems with dreamhost, and they have been for months…

personally it’s not taking me 15 minutes to open emails, but it takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to list the messages in a folder, which makes it EXTREMELY slow to browse through email and to do simple operations like deleting or moving messages. The only solution for me is keeping very few messages in each folder… once you have about 100 messages in one folder things start to get real slow. And it’s pretty much impossible to keep inboxes under 100 msgs when you receive tens of msgs everyday.

it’s ridiculous that free services like gmail or hotmail provide much better email support. Other hosts providing webmail support are also much quicker.

It’s been terrible for months now… at least Webmail has been. It’s practically unusable and on many days is actually completely unusable, ie I can’t access my mail at all. It’s gotten much worse over the past month to 2 months and nothing Dreamhost has done has fixed the problem.

I’m seriously considering ditching and moving my sites to another provider.

Sites are horribly slow when not down, webmail too, control panel is down and DH people do nothing at’all. Great, really great!

I havn’t found it 10-15 minute bad… yet.

I have found the IMAP server dropping me and not allowing connections pretty regularly though. Every couple of days or so… not just remotely but also when loging in through webmail.

That’s even more annoying than slow loading as it goes down for several hours.

My IMAP is useless with attachments over 2 megs though, i can only download them through webmail which is a joke.

Well Dreamhost never even told me to try to reduce the number of emails in my inbox. Nor did they suggest divivding my messages into folders on my server instead of filtering them in my email program at home, like I’ve been doing. I guess in a back-hand way I am finding out ways to make my webmail faster. Of course, I’m only now trying to implement these ideas today, and after 2 hours of trying I’ve been able to see my message list once after dozens of “ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server” messages. Sigh.

Just to add another experience here - I’ve had IMAP slowness for over a month now and it’s only because I forward all of my mail to a Gmail account as well that I’ve been able to get anything done on email.

I’ve taken out a number of support requests on this, and it truly isn’t being addressed in any meaningful way. I host 12 domains here and would hate to pull up stakes to move somewhere else, but I feel like I may be forced to do this in the near future.

Here is the usual response I get from support (just got this today):


I tested your mailboxes and everything is working fine. The behavior that

you are experiencing is likely due to the intermittent network problems

that we are having. Our Admins are working towards resolving this issue.

Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Let us know if there is anything else that we can help you with.


Brian S.

I’ve been getting responses like that for several months!

Same exact network issues.

Well, I have always used outlook to check mails (with DH), but now considering using the webmail as well as I will be moving quite a lot in the coming days. Considering that shared hosting do have some issues with the webmail stuff (I’m having another account with Powweb, and honestly speaking, that’s far to be perfect - my experience was so bad that I didn’t even try using webmail here), I was wondering, is there an alternative way to solve this problem?

Like hiring another service just for the email, and continuing our hosting with DH. Just thinking loud. Or how about developing our own webmail - in this way we could have the email section in the body of our each website.

What do u feel guys?

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