Why is this site slow?

URL tested: http://easydoesituniversity.com/

Test performed from: Washington, DC
Test performed at: 2007-04-23 19:41:42 (GMT -04:00)
Test result: OK
DNS lookup time: 0.347 seconds
Connection time: 0.069 seconds
First byte: 14.787 seconds
Last byte: 16.395 seconds
Total time: 31.598 seconds

As you can see, that front page is bare bones.
WP-Cache isn’t helping.

Someone joked it’s because I paid for 2 years worth of hosting which is a big no-no apparently haha…

Now it doesn’t seem so funny anymore.

but what exactly are you running?

What are some plugins you are running, themes, anything… I’ve never seen a site load this slow… let alone a dreamhost site.

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meh…could be lots of things. Have you checked your server load? How much traffic are you actually getting? Given the nature of your content, I suspect you might get pounded on occasion (until, of course, DH get the DMCA takedown notice(s) :wink: ).

Like previously pointed out, your plug-in situation could well be contributing to the issue, as too many plug-ins gobbles server memory in WordPress. Have you indexed/optimized your MySQL tables recently?


It could be something on your site, but it’s also perfectly possible that it’s somebody else hogging resources on your server (or that there’s something else wrong with it). Try running top, and see if the load numbers are high: Contact support if you don’t think you’re at fault.

Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

Plugins run: wp-cache, spam karma 2, click counter (doing away with), wp-contact form, maintenance mode, role manager.

Things went awry when I upgraded to Wordpress 2.1.3. But then again, everything is slow.

I will do a content cleansing to make bye-bye the bad stuff so no DMCA knocking.

I am the perpetrator. Support says I had 2 many connections up at a given time so they throttled.

I shushed my visitors away, yet the site is still slow.

Any pointers/what to google would be great on stuff teaching me how to understand access/error logs or check what is a resource hog in general?