Why is this not allowed?

Say I have some friends that are considering starting to learn how to make websites, so I temporarily hosted their accounts or to let them play around and learn how it works.

Well after that one of them decides to get a host, so I obviously suggest dreamhost and tell them I can get them $50 off, I let them wonder around my panel for a while to demo it and they really liked it.

Well I delete the domain from my account and now it can never be used unless he pays the difference in the promo code price? I told him to just cancel and go with another host, this policy seems very counter-intuitive to me. Am I just missing the boat here? You are going to lose a customer that could potentially bring you many more.

This is to stop people from repeatedly signing up for discount plans and moving their domain from plan to plan. Your friend’s site is already hosted here. Promo codes are to attract new people to host their domains here.

I know it’s too late, but if you want to demo DreamHost for someone, create a subdomain off of one of yours and then let them explore.

If they’re going to “bring you many more,” then your friend can sign up for full price. Then his friends can sign up with promo codes and your friend will rake in some money, making the loss of the initial discount a distant memory.


Just don’t register your friend’s fully qualified domains on your account. As Scott suggested, use subdomains while they test the water. You can allow limited Panel access for each user so they can have a look at how things work behind the scenes.

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