Why is the Control Panel So Slow

I’m new to Dreamhost and one of my biggest issues right now is that panel.dreamhost.com is either extremely slow to load or it doesn’t load. Is there some sort of trick to get this to work or is it really that bad? I can literally wait 10 minutes and not have the panel load.

The panel was mostly slow or un-reachable for me over the last hour or so, but it seems to be back to relative normality now.


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Occasionally the panel gets slow or unreachable, but it is normally fixed up pretty quick since the Dreamhost staff use the same panel to manage the hosting accounts.

I 've just logged into the panel and found that it was fairly good speed wise, so it could be a problem somewhere between your location and Dreamhost.

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Seems to be backup now. But it’s happened more than a few times in the few days I’ve been with Dreamhost. Hopefully this isn’t a preview of what’s to come.

Like most things here, the panel is constantly worked on. What that means is that the only thing you can reasonbly expect is that it will change.