Why is support chat in Spanish?

I tried to contact support by chat this morning and the text comes up in Spanish. I’m in the USA with a US region IP address. Why is chat coming up in Spanish?

Probablemente los encabezados de idioma no se envían desde su navegador o su navegador no los lee desde la utilidad de chat. Intentaría de nuevo y recargaría un par de veces para ver si eso ayuda.

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Not sure why your response was in Spanish, but still same symptoms. Tired multiple reloads, and different browsers with the same result.

If you log into your DreamHost Panel you’ll see a language selection dropdown up top next to the search field. Try setting it to Español and then back to English. My thinking is that it might cause a session/cookie to force your language preference.

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That didn’t resolve the problem but I think I see what’s going on. There is a single short line of English at the top of the Chat box, followed by two line lengthy Spanish lines immediately below the English line. My eyes were drawn to the Spanish lines vice noticing both the English and Spanish greeting. So error was probably my fault. Thanks for the responses.

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