Why is SquirrelMail SO SLOW?


Why is SquirrelMail SO SLOW? It takes forever. Gmail and Yahoo mail are so much faster. Whats up with SquirrelMail? Its unbearable to use…

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GMail’s interface certainly is speedy, but I don’t see Yahoo being any faster than Squirrelmail on my DH accounts.

If by speed, you mean there’s possibly something lagging the server you’re on–I guess that’s possible, but everything seems speedy for me at the moment.

You could contact support if you believe there’s an actual problem, unless you’re just referring to it as a sluggish front end.

Personally I like using an email client (The Bat!) over webmail, but on the few occasions where I use Squirrelmail, it hasn’t really bothered me.

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Lets not lay blame to any unrelated parties. k? :wink:

My guess is simple cause … hum, Look at the services?! Yahoo and Gmail are GIANT companies with MASSIVE amount of hardware and an insane architecture behind it. DH is just a webhost that would rather sacrifice some speed for security. SquirrelMail (SM) is horrible. I refuse to use it, ever, as my main email client. I just forward everything to Gmail. I’m thinking SM’s a bit slow due to access cross mounted mail directories for your email. I see SM as just a convenience, so I’ve never concerned myself on any SM issues.

/nod, that was my main email client of choice, until I switched to Gmail.


I of course do NOT use SquirrelMail for my main email client. I use Apple’s Mail app… before that I used Entourage but something happened to Entourage and its broken.

I only use SquirrelMail when I am at work or somewhere else where Im not at my computer.

My main gripe is that … well, heres an example.

I check my email. Everything listed on the first page is spam so I toggle them all to on so I can delete every email from that page. I click the delete button and it takes 45 SECONDS to perform the action and get to the next page. Thats not right! And its always been like that.


Dual 800 G4 / 768mb Ram / GeForce 3


I have to agree… if you have an email account with just a few messages, squirrelmail performance is not bad compared to hotmail or other webmail solutions.

But once your IMAP folders start to get filled with lots of email Squirrelmail REALLY slows down. I don’t know if the blame should be put on Squirrelmail or if the IMAP servers are overloaded, but something is definitely wrong here… and Squirrelmail has an extremely simple look, it has no images so if anything, it should be faster.

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Squirrelmail has an extremely simple look, it has no images so if anything, it should be faster.

Exactly. I do have a lot of messages in my mail box… but still, why should SquirrelMail worry about all the other messages? I just want to display one page at a time (what… 25 messages?)… dont know what to do… might just have to suck it up and deal with it.

Dual 800 G4 / 768mb Ram / GeForce 3


I see the same thing. Squirrel Mail (the application) is not bad as far as performance, but on two of my DH accounts, it takes absolutely forever for it to resolve… Up to 30 seconds after login while I see, “Waiting for…”

I don’t think Squirrel’s to blame.