Why is my account still pending? I have made the payment


My account is still pending after 3 hours.

Maybe a hosting plan was not properly added, but I don’t know why.

I request for the “Approval Call” , but I put the correct PIN number and nothing is activated.
I tried again and again, and nothing happened.

Now I have 2 plans on my account, because I was confused and I added other, but I only want one. (I have made the payment for one) and I want to remove it. How?

Please, who can help me???

Please :frowning:


I’ve located your help ticket and sent it to a support manager to investigate, they went head and approved your account, you will receive an update via email shortly. Thank you for your patience in this matter, if you should need any further support please reply directly to the email they send you or click here http://bit.ly/PfpbbY to send another ticket to our support Dream Team :slight_smile:

Matt C


I’m very grateful to you!! My Account has been updated and it is ok.

Now I want to remove one Service Plan because I added another (Sorry for my stupid mistake)

Maybe putting “End Today” at the second “Service Plan”… tomorrow will have deleted it??

I’m going to reply to the email too. Thank you very much


You can log in here https://panel.dreamhost.com

In the upper left hand corner click on “Manage Account”

Locate where it says “Service Plans”

Over on the right hand side click on “edit” and select “ends today”

And you’re all set :slight_smile:

Again if you ever need any help, we’re happy to provide it for you, simply click here https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=support.msg& to send our support team a ticket

Matt C


Thank you very much. The problem is solved :slight_smile: