WHY is msptrails.org redirecting to sites?

Enter msptrails.org in your browser.

You’ll see: https://sites.google.com/a/msptrails.org/www/

The domain (and www.msptrails.org) both redirect to my Google Apps Sites page for this domain.

That’s not bad, except I don’t see how this is possible.

msptrails.org is fully hosted. It has typical A records pointing to Dreamhost IP for the naked domain. [1]. There are 3 CNAMEs for things like blog, calendar, drive that go to ghs.google.com.

There are no redirects at all.

There’s no .htaccess file. The host folder has usual quickstart.html defined.

FWIW, there’s no redirects defined in Google Apps either.

The naked domain shouldn’t redirect. It should give me the quickstart view.

So how the heck is this redirecting?

Anyone have any ideas?


NS ns1.dreamhost.com.
NS ns2.dreamhost.com.
NS ns3.dreamhost.com.
ftp A
mail CNAME ghs.googlehosted.com.
ssh A
www A

For what it’s worth, I see the quickstart page too. No redirect here.

Did you used to have that domain hosted on Google Sites? I’m wondering if your browser might have the redirect cached. If so, clearing your browser cache might be all it takes to fix it.

You are right! Thank you.

It’s just one of my Chrome instances. So it’s the browser doing it, probably left over from settings earlier today.

Phew. At least I feel sane again. That was getting weird.

If I did want this to happen in a sensible way, (redirect naked domain), without using Apache redirects, would it work to switch to DNS only hosting and create a DNS reference for the naked domain to Google? I have a feeling that’s possible.

Depends on what service you’re pointing to. Some services will recognize what you’re doing there without any extra help; some will require you to explicitly set up your domain to support that, or may require you to pay to use that feature (!); some won’t have any idea at all what you’re doing and will just give you an error page.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure which one of these categories Google Sites fits into. :slight_smile: I believe it’s the first, but I’d recommend that you take a look at their documentation to be sure.

I think I’d have to set the Type A records to point to Google’s IP, then it looks like I create a CNAME for www, then there’s something I can do in Sites…

Phew. This is deep stuff.