Why is Mails sieve not used?

Now that procmail is not an option for managing email. Why is not Mail sieve used.

The current solution with setting filters via the web panel is not good since I can not let other people, that should not have access to the web panel, manage their own mail filters.

Also Mail sieve is standard, it supports numerous features, is integrated into some web mail clients and there is a plugin for thunderbird.

Having a good server side filtering is essential for me and I feel this is one thing where DH is severely lacking in an otherwise outstanding hosting.

You can set up your filters at mailboxes.example.com

Didn’t know that. Thanks

But still it does not look neraly as powerfull or standardized as Mail sieve. It is specifically designed to be run on IMAP servers and is designed to be secure and light weight. And still support most of the features most of the users might have used porcmail for.

Our organisation changed their IMAP servers so I could no longer run procmail, first I was worried that it might cause a lot of problem for me. But in the end I became verry happy with the use of mail sieve. It is also very easy to set up and I guess you can have an even simpler interface for novice users that is compiled to a mail sieve script.

Mail sieve

I must still say that DH is very good and I am happy with most of its functinallity. But this problem of DH not having a powerfull server side mail sorting functionality is something that might in the end lead me to switch hosting company.

Is there a particular implementation of Sieve you’re recommending?

It may interest you to know that the Mail Filters stuff available through the panel actually compiles down to procmail internally.

Well that seams to be a nice solution to compile it to procmail rules.
But then why can’t I use regexp or copy my incoming emails to different folders.

I can definitely see why DH disallows custom procmail processing, since it is possible to rather stupid things with it. But the current mail filtering solution is frankly not good enough.

As I said before Mail sieve is a standardized way of doing just this sort of thing. Which means that there will be support for it in more than one place (webmail clients, thunderbird, etc) and more people are working on improving it than just another custom mail filter solution. In my experience you never gain anything from reinventing the wheel. Even though we coders sometimes prides ourselves when we have done just that. I guess if you guys at DH get it set up properly you will save time supporting and maintaining your current, as I guess in house ad hoc solution.

As for what sieve version I recommend. I don’t know what versions there are, but if you are interested I can ask the sysadmins at my work what they use.

Yet again, thanks for an otherwise outstanding web hosting, if you get this set up properly DH will definitely be the best!

I would like to ask this question again. I just discovered that my old mail account was moved to a new server and had to use the web solution. Which is to say it mildly, not good enough! Having to point and click for every filter is not professional mail administration. It is tedious and not very flexible.

As I said before, I can see why procmail was discontinued. But I can not see why you would spend time implementing some in house solution that is not as good as it can be. Mail sieve is an internet standard created for just this problem of server side mail filtering.

As I said before we run it at my work and it is a very neat solution and thunderbird has plugins to manage the sieve filtering rule file. I can ask the sysadmins here how they have set it up for the mail accounts if that would interest you.

Or at least let me write my rules in a text file I can upload and set all rules from my file.

To be honest I find you to be a very good web-hosting company, but this issue with simplistic mail filtering gives you a bad impression.

I know I’m replying to a really old post, but this is the only relevant thread I found when searching the forums…

Has Sieve ever been implemented on Dreamhost’s IMAP servers? I can’t find any references to it, but it seems so unlikely that in 2014, Sieve extensions still haven’t been added.

Any news?