Why is email processing SO slow!

Over the last few months, email processing (retrieve, search, send, etc.) has been excruciatingly slow with some requests taking over a minute to complete. Server drop outs are not uncommon and becoming more frequent. I am only at about 1/3 of my email capacity. Am I the only one with this problem? I’m ready to jump the Dreamhost/Squirrelmail ship!

It is slow for us as well. We switched to Dreamhost recently and end users complain that they do not receive email on time and also sending email takes a very long time as well during periods. Today it took 30 minutes for a webmail sent email to arrive in my gmail inbox.

Also very slow for me. After good recommendations about this host, I’m thinking after my year commitment, I’ll be gone unless the mail is fixed. This is ridiculous.

I am having the same issues. After fighting to move email to dreamhost for years I finally did and now its slow as hell. Thanks Dreamhost!

I’m on homie

This is getting beyond ridiculous. Change the name to NightmareHost, please. At least then we’ll have forewarning.