Why is dreamhost so slow (PHP5 benchmarks)

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I posted a blog entry about my server benchmark findings. I would appreciate it if someone would share their insite about this.



Those load statistics you posted for your server are definitely a bit out of whack. Have you tried checking on those across several days to see if maybe you just hit a wild spike or something like that? If you’re unfortunate enough to be on Blingy (you can check this in your web control panel), that alone is plenty of reason why you might be experiencing the high loads and low responsiveness.

Assuming that it isn’t Blingy or other randomness, it could suggest a few things, most of which strike me as good reasons to contact support. It could be that you’ve got a neighbor on your server that’s running some abusive scripts and clogging everything up. It could be an indication of some type of hardware failure. It might be an indication that one of your scripts is causing a problem (in which case you can find that out and fix the problem yourself). In any case, what you’re experiencing is definitely not normal, and I’d encourage you to keep taking steps to try to figure out what’s going on.


Thanks I just wanted to know if that was something to expect from Dreamhost or if there was a problem :wink:

I’ll get right on it and see what they have to say.