Why is dreamhost email offering going to shit?


I don’t normally post here, but I am done with Dreamhost.

Last year they removed the ability to forward emails for full hosted email. No notice was given. Went to add a forwarding address for a new manager of a mailbox, and was told we were shit out of luck.

Now, and agin without any notice, dreamhost has removed the ability to setup an email forwarding address to more than 10 addresses.

This has broken any use we had for the Dreamhost mail system.

Add to this, recently I went to forward an email address to the unique address Xero provides for their hubdoc service, only to find that Dreamhost refuses to allow forwarding to emails that have an exclamation point. I had to create a dummy Google account just to be able to add this functionality.

Any recommendations on a Dreamhost alternative with a functional email offering?


Set up your own mailserver.

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