Why is DH so slow?

I signed up 2 weeks ago and have been working on a small site since then. There was a day or so last week where things picked up, but now once again its worse than watching paint dry!

I have been in touch with support - but they just say "due to recent high demand…things will get better.

The problem is, the site is using Joomla, so I cant even update and organise it due to its speed.

Ive noticed a few other posts showing DH hosted sites and they seem fine - so why the issues for me? Its not like I am hogging bandwidth or storage - there’s bugger all content and no one knows abiut the site!

Help! Is this standard DH hosting levels?

Site is located at www.hillsidenet.com/joomla

Comments appreciated (Since support are not answering my emails either!)

Hmm, tried your site. Your index loads quick (just listing, since you don’t have an index.html page in there). All the directories load quickly. The calender loaded pretty fast also, looks like it is working.

So, I think the problem is with your joomla installation. It wouldn’t load at all. Have you added any components that might be causing problems?

If it’s reletively new, perhaps try deleting Joomla and reinstalling it.

The joomla directory seemed to work fine for me. Has this been resolved, or is it something that comes and goes?

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The Joomla installation is obviously new - but have spent about 60 hours putting things together, content, appearance and modules. index.php does load - and occasionaly loads quickly, but usually it can take up to 2 minutes - which is virtually useless.

I will look into the admin panel and remove some of the installed and unused components to see if that affects things. Strangely, once past the index page, the content loads much quicker. Could it be a database issue?

I’d agree that currently the route dir does load quickly as does the calender. Just my luck - the one thing i want to work, doesnt! doh!

I have removed from pages, some of the modules and also uninstalled a fair few I dont intend to use in the future. It does indeed appear like it was joomla itself that was the problem. I hadnt realised these modules with info from the database would cause it to slow down to such an extent. I have read a fair bit in the joomla forums and havent seen anything that suggests a slow down. So why its had such a dramatic effect on my site, god only knows.

Anyone else use joomla and noticed this?