Why i get this error,when i want to buy hosting?

There was an error while charging your credit card. The processor returned: Declined (err code 12)

“charging your credit card” WHY CHARGING?Where is FREE Trial?..“You will not be billed until your free trial ends. Cancel online anytime.” So why my card need to be charged?

My card is ok, and expires on 11/2012…VISA CARD.

For security reasons, we do need to make sure you have some usable method of payment at the time of signup.

I think it’s more of a wording issue. My guess is that they run some sort of test against your card to see that it’s valid. So it’s not “charging” your credit card. More like “testing” your credit card.

Ok…my card is valid, but when i try to buy my hosting and domain…it give me that error…i dont have money on my card right now.

That sounds more like a debit card. And not having any money on it now isn’t going to make DreamHost think you’ll have money on it when they need to start charging you when the free trial is over.

As andrewf said, “usable method of payment.” A card with no money on it isn’t usable. Yet.

hi…i also have the same problem… all my card info is correct and there is an available balance to cover the whole amount… .i also found a paypal payment option on the FAQ section, but couldnt find it during the actual payment check out…
can someone help? really need to purchase a package immediately


Try the contact form:


They’ll get you sorted.