Why "Google host" my domain?



In my Dreamhost web panel there’s a new option to “Google host” my domains. What exactly does this mean?

Will this relocate my sites from Dreamhost’s servers to Google’s? What would be the benefit of this?

I couldn’t find any info on this in the Wiki. Thanks for any feedback.

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Cool! That hasn’t been mentioned yet. It’s just a way to have your own web-based office suite. Instead of going to a Google URL for the apps, or even a site, you can transparently use their apps under your own domain URL. Same goes with email.

The “Google hosted” section is the whole bundle done at once.

The downside is that it’s not very configurable, but if you love their stuff as is, then it’s available. I like being able to tweak my domain, so I don’t think I’ll be taking much advantage of this feature.



Ok, thanks for your swift reply. I can see the advantage of Google Apps. But why would anyone “Google host” their domain? Does this mean that my website will no longer be hosted at Dreamhost and will now be physically hosted on Google’s servers? Why would Dreamhost do that? And what’s the benefit of it for the user (me)?

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If you choose, you can have your domain hosted at Google. The only reason this is offered is because to set up those apps, Google already sets up the domain. It’s there for the taking, and may integrate better with their apps. Again, it’s not something I’d do, but it appeals to some.



It also might bear mentioning that the panel says: “(ONLY use Google to host this domain, including Apps, Gmail, and even their chinsy Page Creator.)”, which is pretty funny.

Actually another thing to note is that you can choose to have a subdomain fully Google hosted.

It’s a nice easy way to play around with Google hosting and I think I’ll give it a spin.

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This thought flashed through my mind before laziness shot it down. How is DNS handled if you’re splitting a domain and subdomain between hosts?



I’m guessing the panel script just tells the DNS to point your sub at Google if you choose to have it ‘completely’ Google hosted.

Lensman, I’m lazy too, but would be interested in your take on the Fully-Googled features if/when you look into it a bit more.

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Hmmm…this makes me wonder about that old, and recurring, rumor regarding the possibility of Google acquiring DreamHost … might have some small chance of happening? :wink:

For the right price, the DreamHost founders, and many of the “employee owners”, might make a whole lot of money from such a thing.



It’s Google. I think they should hold out for… ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

(either that or sharks with laser beams attached to their heads)

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Oh, what a drag! I had a spare domain that was an unused redirect. So I switched it over to the Google Apps package. Now when I go to docs.mydomain.com, it redirects to docs.google.com/a/mydomain.com/#
Same goes for mail.mydomain.com

And I thought it was going to show up as my domain. Bummer.



Makes sense to do it that way, but yeah… bummer.

Thanks for the heads-up Scott.

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