Why dont pages update after upload

I have been uploading files to our domain but find that once
the files are uploaded and then I go to the internet and type in the address I get the

  1. The home page is still old – that is the links etc are not updated.
  2. I have used both home.html and index.html but neither gets updated
  3. I uploaded a page which is an exact copy of anothe page but it still
    reverts back to the original page still
  4. I updated my js/menu_tem.js file to point to index.html not
    home.html but it still goes to home.html

I’m at a loss to understand and am quite frustrated with this. Could someone assist me please.

I have even tried to delete everything in the directory and upload again. I use Filezilla to upload files.

Do I use home.html or index.html

The most common errors for these symptoms are

  1. using the wrong user, look on the manage domains page to see what user the domain is being hosted under and make sure you are logging in using that user.

  2. are you uploading to the correct directory? the HOME directory of the user that belongs to the domain is where you land when you og in, are you changing to the mydomain.com directory first?

Use index.html

And if LakeRat’s steps don’t work, maybe your cache needs a refresh:

When i log using FTP I get the root directory the 2 sub directories
1st being the domain name (but this does not have the .com.au on it just the name.
2nd logs directory

How do I refresh the cache.
please dont answer the last question… I didn’t finish reading your full post.


The domain name MUST have the .com.au extention otherwise it will never work.
Go to manage domains > Add New Domain (at the top) and after that upload the files in there.
That is if you already have the domain registered.

the domain is registered…we have been using it for over a year.

Thank you lakerat and sdayman I checked everything you guys suggested and cleared cache…and everything came up a treat.

I’m having the same problem fatman did, without the happy ending… at least so far.

I change the style.css on my Wordpress.com site and it works. The same changes on the Dreamhost Wordpress site never show up. Any advice?